"TRAVA(I)L" Artworks by Elva LAI Ming-chu & Isaac CHONG Wai
2013.09.27 - 2013.10.22
Opening Reception: 2013.09.27 (Friday) / 6:00 pm
the A·lift 'CHECKPOINT'

Sometime in the past the idea of getting out of the city was always in my mind, for my "self" got so much assimilated with the all-too-familiar environment, scenery, people, air breathing in… "Travelling" has become a moment of peace in mind and a refreshment of usual life experience. It is for the sake of material and spiritual fulfillment that we set off on a journey in reality. Travelling is both pleasant and tough, refreshing and tiring, of which the process is the encounter between the "self" and the "other". Starting from our home we pass by unfamiliar surroundings and reach novel destinations. In a journey we (re)construct the "self" through the encounter with the "other" or the attempt to "becoming other".

"TRAVA(I)L" is more than an exhibition about real-life travel experience; it is a journey in virtual reality. The two promising young artists Elva Lai Ming-chu and Isaac Chong-wai are invited by A·lift Gallery to present their travel experience through video and installation, leading audience into a virtual world of fascinating visual elements. Once being an exchange student in the US, LAI made a video with the photographs taken during the experience which tell the fatigue and alienation in far distance. As for CHONG who resided in France for a year, he experienced the daily routine in the alien place and attempted to "become other" in an absorbing way full of surprises.

The opening reception will be on 27th September at 6:00pm. LAI will share in person her "TRAVA(I)L" experience, while CHONG will spend the night with audience through internet in Germany afar.

About the artists:

Elva LAI Ming-chu, is a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Chinese University of Hong Kong and she is now studying Master of Fine Arts at the school. In 2011 she was an exchange student in Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Lai creates with multi-media including drawing, photography, video and installation. Her artworks have been awarded and exhibited in various galleries and institutions in Hong Kong. Taking inspiration from daily surroundings, Lai masters intuitive grasp of the atmosphere and landscape and expresses strong personal affection in her artworks.

Isaac CHONG Wai, obtained Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012. He is now studying Master of Fines Arts (Public Art and New Artistic Strategies) in Bauhau Universität Weimar in Germany. While living abroad in France from 2012 to 2013 he created a series of video recordings and artworks. Most of his artistic creations deal with exploration of the connection between "body" and "environment" from his personal view.

Opening Reception:
27 September 2013 (Friday), 6pm to 8pm

Address: G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

曾幾何時,總有著出走我城的念頭。生活久了,身心與環境 融之為一,習慣的空氣、習慣的景致、習慣的人與物。「旅 行」成了我們片刻的慰藉,同時成為我們對生活經驗的重新 歷練。我們為了滿足精神和物質上的某種需要,從而踏上現 實空間的遊歷旅程。過程是愉悅的,也是艱苦的;是提神的 ,也是費神的。旅行為「自我」 (self) 與「他者」(other) 相遇之過程;我們由家出發,到達或經過不熟悉的地方,透 過認識「他者」或嘗試「成為他者」(becoming other) 來建構自我、回歸自我的過程。

這個展覽,是一個關於「旅行」的經驗,也是一段虛擬的旅 程。提藝廊邀請了兩位新進藝術家賴明珠及莊偉,以他們過 往遊歷的經驗,透過錄像及裝置,引領觀者進入虛擬的視覺 體驗。賴明珠曾於美國作交換生,她把遊歷時拍下的照片以 動畫方式製成錄像,訴說長途旅程的疲憊與身在異地的陌生 。而莊偉過往整整一年旅居於法國,嘗試以有趣的方式「成 為他者」,經驗異地的生活日常。

展覽開幕酒會將設於 9 月 27 日晚上六時,賴明珠將於現場分享她的「旅行」經驗;而莊 偉則透過網絡,隔著遙遠的空氣與時差,於德國與各位共度 同一晚上。


賴明珠於 2013 年獲香港中文大學藝術系頒授學士學位,現為該校純藝術碩 士研究生。2011 年曾到美國卡內基美隆大學 (Carnegie Mellon University) 作交流生。過往曾於本地各畫廊及院校舉行展覽,並獲不同 獎項。賴氏喜以不同的媒介創作,包括素描、攝影、錄像及 動畫等,作品概念圍繞自身周遭事物,從作品中渲染出個人 的情感,並善於捕捉身邊環境的氣氛與景致。

莊偉於 2012 年獲香港浸會大學視覺藝術院頒授視覺藝術學士學位,現於 德 國魏瑪包豪斯大學 (Bauhau Universität Weimar) 修讀純藝術碩士學位 (公共藝術與新藝術策略) (Public Art and New Artistic Strategies)。2012 至 2013 年間旅 學於法國,並於當地創作了一系列錄像與行為作品。其創作 多以自身出發,探討身體與環境的關係。


地址︰香港上環太平山街 24C 地舖