The Grand opening of 'CHECKPOINT' & "Preview... - Joint Exhibition"
「提藝廊 • 站臺」開張暨《預覽…》藝術作品聯展
2012.09.11 - 2012.10.17
Grand opening: 2012.09.14 / 6:30 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT'

Left: Artwork by YIU Chu-tung.
Middle: Artwork by WONG Xiang-yi.

Right: Artwork by NGAI Joe-Joe.

The A·lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT' will be opening on 14th September 2012 at G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 'CHECKPOINT' will become the outpost which connects Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our main aim is to link up commercial dealings and educational discussions through the gallery. For the opening, we are specially holding 'Preview…' as our first exhibition. We will be showing the latest works of local emerging artists YIU Chu-tung, WONG Xiang-yi and NGAI Joe-Joe. The opening exhibition is named 'Preview…' with intent to show the desired scene that we wish to create jointly with Hong Kong artists in the future.

Grand Opening:
14th September 2012 (Friday) 18:30 – 20:30

Address: G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


「提藝廊 • 站臺」將於二零一二年九月十四日假香港上環太平山街 24C 舖隆重開張。
「提藝廊 • 站臺」將作為我們連接香港及深圳的藝術前哨站,在此接連商業買賣與學術討論。我們特意舉辦《預覽…》藝術作品聯展,作為我們首個亮相之開幕展覽;屆時我們將展示本地藝壇新進姚柱東、黃向藝,以及魏凱畧之藝術新作。開幕展覽名題《預覽…》,有意藉此展示我們與香港藝術家,共同攜手創建本地藝術未來環境及市場發展的願景。


地址︰香港上環太平山街 24C 地舖