Denudation - Joint Exhibition of HAO Lap-yan Benjamin & LAU Yin-kan
靜殖 - 郝立仁、劉彥耿作品聯展
2012.08.31 - 2012.10.31
The A.lift Gallery 'PLATFORM'

Left: HAO Lap-yan Benjamin. Earth tone, Sand, Soil, Actual size.
Right: LAU Yin-kan. Mammoth Baby, Masking tape, 800 x 400 x 360 mm.


Artists: HAO Lap-yan, LAU Yin-kan

Exhibition Preface:

‘Heaven, Earth, and I emerged together, and all things and I are one.’ This is the summit of Zhuangzi’s theory The Adjustment of Controversies. All creatures are one. Man and nature originate from the same root. The relationship between human beings and the nature are inseparable. Nowadays we live within the hustle and bustle and very often we neglect the nature that surrounds the periphery of the city. People pay no attention to the plants that reside at the roadside. Similarly, animals are often abandoned or uncared of, leaving them no choice but to live in alleys. Nevertheless, this kind of city environment has rendered some artists to distant themselves from the boisterous life so that they can experience the unity of nature and art. They generate ideas from the realistic surroundings and adopt all things of the nature as the themes for their art creation. At the same time, these artists submerge themselves into the relationship between human beings and the environment. HAO Lap-yan Benjamin and LAU Yin-kan are two emerging artists of Hong Kong who find their inspirations for creating from the nature. They use the form of sculpture, installation and painting to express their concerns and interests on things within the natural environment.

Opening Reception:
1st September 2012 (Saturday) 15:00 – 18:00

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