DRESSAGE – The Solo Exhibition of YIU Chu-tung
《廠蕩》 - 姚柱東作品展
2011.10.14 - 2011.12.14

Exhibition Images

DRESSAGE – The Solo Exhibition of YIU Chu-tung, A·lift@A116, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen.


Artist: YIU Chu-tung

Exhibition Preface:

Human beings and machines are closely interconnected in industrial production. In the repetitive production process, all end products appear to be no different to one another. Men and machines work together to make products through continuously repetitive motions. Human beings seem to have become part of the machine.

Julien Offray de La Mettrie (1709 -1751), a French philosopher of the 18th Century, suggested a theory of materialism known as “Man a Machine”. However, machines can never replace the position of the human. Machines do not possess the ability to learn. They can only function according to prescribed operational cycles. They cannot deal with any matter outside of these cycles. Moreover, they can never enter the conscious or spiritual realm. On the contrary, human beings have the ability to face any situation or happening through self awareness and learning. Via continuous ‘dressage’ or rigorous training, people can gain elevated levels of knowledge and skill.

In 2010 Hong Kong Artist YIU Chu-tung was resident in a number of factories in Mainland China. After thousands of hours of interaction and observation of the machineries in these industrial complexes, Yiu uses the method of Magical Realism to outline every turn and corner of these objects. The cold but sensitive pencil marks produced by the artist have led us to rethink and re-evaluate the relationship between men and machines.




18 世紀法國哲學家拉美特利 (Julien Offray de La Mettrie,1709-1751) 提出了《人是機器》的機械唯物論,然而機器卻不能取代人類的位置;機器沒有學習的能力,它只能根據預先設計的程序運作,不能處理程序以外的事情,它們更永遠不能進入意識或精神的層面;人類的理性卻可以通過自我的認知和學習,面對任何的處境及事情。通過不斷反覆的訓練,更能在所學習的範疇中,獲得更上一層的知識及技藝。

2010年,香港藝術家姚柱東,深入內地工業廠房,生活其中,經歷數千小時與廠房機器的互動及觀察,以魔幻寫實 ( Magical Realism ) 的方式,在畫紙上重構機器的一菱一角;藝術家冰冷卻感性的筆觸,讓我們重新的感受及思想人與機器的關系。