Meipo Yuen's Recollection: Soliloquy with Nature
2011.03.30 - 2011.05.07

Exhibition Images

Meipo Yuen's Recollection: Soliloquy with Nature, A·lift@Fashion Time Commercial Street, Shenzhen.

Artist: Meipo YUEN.

Exhibition Preface:

Often incredibly subtle, forces of nature may never let you know when you are connected to it, by then leading to derivation of endless imagination. While Meipo Yuen entangles with art, in a split second, she and the nature coincides.

With an intrinsic telepathy between nature and her soul, Yuen believes her unusual ability to communicate with different objects. Applying art as interface, Yuen creates her works by substantiation of dialogue, achieving a series of minimal yet illusory creation. In one of her pieces titled ‘Those Stories between Trees when I was Reading’, she develops the form with an approach of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. The whole process is similar to a natural law in the post-modern society: natural objects turn to be composite material, then mimicking the natural object with a reproduced posture. This is often discussed as the current concept of simulacrum. The interesting relationship between works and the artist have ingeniously formed a turbid movement of human, life and objects.

Over a decade, Yuen has been persisting innovation in her works. As a brief review of her art before starting her other creative journey, Yuen would like to share the natural savour in her pieces with the audience through the exhibition ‘Soliloquy with Nature’.