"Enculturation? Acculturation." - The solo exhibition of NGAI Joe-joe
涵濡 – 魏凱畧個人作品展
2012.06.22 - 2012.08.16

NGAI Joe-joe, Rose (Detail), Graphite on paper, 650 x 1100 mm.

Artists: NGAI Joe-joe

Exhibition Preface:

Enculturation signifies the development of some unique values and actions of individuals as a result of gradual influences from the society. Acculturation refers to the fusion of two cultures after they collide and interact. Born in Hong Kong and studied in London, artist NGAI Joe-joe has been influenced by both the enculturation and acculturation of two different cultures in both the way of living and the path of learning. This leads to the growth of his attention and exploration of cultural and identity recognition. Thinker and educator from late Ming Dynasty, Chang Chih-tung, has initiated the theory 'Chinese learning as the substance; Western learning as the function', which means using the Chinese Confucianism as the body and adopting western skills and decrees as the action. Through utilising the traditional western skills in art and echoing the spirits of Chinese painting, NGAI creates imaginatins and reflections on the relationship between the self and different cultures. The A·lift Gallery is exhibiting specifically one of the latest series of work of the artist with the intention to inspire more creative thoughts from the viewers on Chinese traditional art.