"Recycle Destinies" Art Exhibition by TANG Ying-mui
2011.06.18 - 2011.08.14

Exhibition work images

"Recycle Destinies" Art Exhibition by TANG Ying-mui, A·lift@A116, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen.

Artist: TANG Ying-mui.

Exhibition Preface:

Are the black hairs in the heart traits from heredity? Like the special growth on human's body? Is it just a special growth? Or are they hereditary traits from the memory? Are they traits of memory from the civilized man or traits of memory from the wild man in the past?

TANG Ying Mui, in recent years, dedicates her creation to investigate on 'heart' as the subject matter, how it is travelled from ancient to present, and is transformed from animal to human. As civilization evolved through the baptism of life, human steps into the modern world from the primitive one, the basic extinct of human has been moderated by urbanization. Tang's work is an attempt to dig out human's primal memory of nature as well as a murmuring of how the nature is eroded by civilization.