"A Circus Show on A Little Asteroid" Solo exhibition of LIN Ching-man
2013.01.18 - 2013.02.27
Opening party: 2013.01.18 (Friday) / 6:00 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT'

Artist interview on art plus (03-2013)

LIN Ching-man. A gate to a wonderland, Drawing on paper, 225 (h) x 420 (w) mm.

The A‧lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT' presents A Circus Show on A Little Asteroid, a solo exhibition by Shelia LIN Ching-man. She gradated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majored in Fine Art. Oil painting is a main medium for her practice. She likes to discuss the complexity of human characteristics and the ambiguous relationship among people.

"Behind the glamorous curtain of a circus, there hides all sorts of rare species and weird people come in different kinds. It is just like being in a dream, both mysterious and complex, like the personality of human as well. The performance in the circus looks mysterious and gorgeous on its surface, but is actually full of tricks that deceiving the eyes of audiences. In this glamorous but unreal playground, what real what fake becomes difficult to distinguish, people easily feel lost in this illusion."

In the opening reception, artist LIN Ching-man will transform into a character in a circus and will have a performance of poem reading.

Opening Reception:
18th January 2013 (Friday) 18:00 – 20:00

Address: G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


「馬戲團就像夢境一樣, 既神秘又複雜。在馬戲團的華麗布幕內,充滿各式各樣的奇珍異獸及千奇百怪的人物,如同人格一樣複雜。布幕內的演出表面上充滿神秘感,為觀眾帶來目不暇給的華麗演出,其背後卻充滿了很多欺騙人的小技巧,以各式各樣的小技巧欺騙觀眾的眼睛。在這個華麗而充滿偽裝與掩飾的夢幻樂園,真真假假已難以區分,任何人也容易迷失。」

我們將於1 月 18 日(星期五)舉辨展覽酒會,藝術家林靜雯將化身馬戲團內的角色到場與各位會面。更會於當晚8:00進行詩歌朗讀,望各位盡歡。


地址︰香港上環太平山街 24C 地舖