FLURRY - Joint Exhibition of YIU Chu-tung & WONG Xiang-yi
《失覺》 - 姚柱東、黃向藝作品展
2012.01.07 - 2012.01.15
The A.lift Gallery 'PROJECT' @ Fotan 804

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FLURRY - Joint Exhibition of YIU Chu-tung & WONG Xiang-yi, A·lift@804, Fotan, Hong Kong.


Artists: YIU Chu-tung, WONG Xiang-yi

Exhibition Preface:

Sensible versus non-sensible; normal versus abnormal – human beings like to use these opposite binaries to define what it means by a 'normal' way of living. Nevertheless, what is known as normal is only a constraint sculpted by the modern social and cultural ideology which makes everyone follow the same direction to develop and to conform, disregarding all other way of living outside the acceptable frame. Just as Michel Foucault quoted in the preface of his writing 'Madness and Civilization', Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky said: "Men cannot use their imprisoned neighbour to affirm that they themselves are mentally stable." In fact, many voices are buried within the so called 'sensible' power. One would have the question of whose belief it is that is restricting people from choosing other ways of living? It may now be time to reflect on this subject and to erase any thinking that is bounded by frames of the society.



理性與非理性、正常與失常,人們都喜歡以這樣的二元對立,去解釋何謂「正常」的生存方式。然而,所謂的正常,都只不過是現今社會型態和文化模式下的一個規範,使所有人都依循社會的發展方向而被馴化,排除一切規範之外的生活模式。如傅柯(Michel Foucault)在《瘋癩與文明》前言中,引述俄國作家杜斯妥也夫斯基(Fyodor Dostoyevsky)所道︰「人們不能用禁錮自己的鄰人來確認自己神智健全。」事實上,在我們今日的生活中,仍存著很多被「理性」強權所壓制的聲音,究竟是誰的「真理」在規管著人們多元的生活選擇?或許是時候需要重新的思想,抹化被框架的思維。