"Object of Affection" Solo exhibition of Francis Yu Wai Luen
2013.02.02 - 2013.03.24
Opening Reception: 2013.02.02 (Saturday) / 3:00 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'PLATFORM'

Exhibition review on art plus (03-2013)

Artist Francis Yu Wai Luen.

The A·lift Gallery 'PLATFORM' is proud to present a solo exhibition by Francis Yu Wai Luen, one of the leading artists in Hong Kong. His work includes different media such as painting, photography and installation. In this exhibition, he continues to make art breaking through the traditional framework. An object can be referred to a thing or an incident surrounding an individual, where a subtle relationship exists between the individual and the object. "Object of Affection" showcases Francis Yu's new creations, using what appear in his daily life (mainly food) as an object. Together with painting and other media, he tries to explore the relationship between the object and himself.

Francis Yu graduated from York University in Toronto with a BFA in visual arts and Royal College of Art in London with a MA in painting. He later obtained his PhD from The China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University. Francis has held solo exhibitions in Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia and participated in numerous group shows locally and abroad. Apart from art creation, he has been teaching art for many years, mainly oil painting and drawing.

Opening Reception:
2nd February 2013 (Saturday) 15:00 – 18:00

Address: Unit 116, Building A4, OCT - LOFT, Eastern Industrial Park, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

提藝廊將於 PLATFORM 呈獻藝術家余偉聯之個人作品展「對象」。余偉聯繼過往以繪畫、攝影及裝置進行跨媒介創作後,繼續嘗試突破藝術的形式框架。「對象」可指為一切個體(Individual)周遭之事與物,而自身與對象之間,必存有某種微妙的「關係」;是次展覽中,余氏將以他日常所遇之事物 —— 特別以食物,作為創作的對象。他透過熟悉的繪畫,嘗試跟對象之物建立關係,並加以其他的媒介及現成物創作他的藝術作品。



地址︰深圳市南山區華僑城東部工業區(華僑城創意文化園)A4 棟 116 號鋪