"The Angels in Me" Solo exhibition of NG Kwun-lun Tony
2013.03.08 - 2013.04.10
Opening party: 2013.03.08 (Friday) / 6:00 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT'

Exhibition Images

NG Kwun-lun Tony. The Same Night Sky, C-print, 450 (h) x 300 (w) mm each.

One is supposed to be born with free will. However, our decisions in life are also influenced by external factors - time, place, our family, friends, work, the people we know and the ten thousand things. As I come through and reflect on my own life and formative influences, I see fragments of childhood memory and school days, surviving in the society, also trying to find my way in life and in art. At certain points, there were both my passionate involvement and indifferent observation; there were people and matters I thought I had forgotten, but they linger in my heart as new; others I tried my best to hold on to yet they slowly slipped away. I have come to realize that all of them formed my perception of life and the world, in contemplation of rightness, truth and beauty. My decisions in life, the exercise of my free will, are shaped by and inseparable from these influences. "Free will", after all, may not be purely "free".

In my life, there are always some close and intimate "companions". I also have my "heroes" who I may not know personally (e.g. legendary heroes, great men in past history, masters of art from different centuries, my childhood idols, etc.) They cross beyond time and become my guardian angels, inspiring me and empowering me to face some dilemma. I may not be making the perfect decisions that lead to a perfect future, but I know that my angels will always be by my side._Ng Kwun-lun

The A‧lift Gallery CHECKPOINT is going to present a solo exhibition by Ng Kwun-lun. NG obtained a Master of Arts degree from the University of the Royal Melbourne of Technology in 2011. His artworks have been featured in more than 70 overseas and local exhibitions, such as "Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition", "The 7th, The 8th, and The 10th National Art Exhibition", "New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond", "Legacy and Creations - Ink Art vs Ink Art" and "Mongolia 360 °: The first session of the land Art Biennial".

In the recent years, Ng expanded his practice to different media, from ink painting to installation, photography, public art, sculpture and on-site "land art". He also involved in many local public art projects. Some of his public art creations can be seen at The VIP Room of Hong Kong International Airport, Wet-land Park, Hong Kong Health Department, Police Headquarters Building, Sai Kung Visual Corridor, TST Centenary Memorial Park, K11 Art Mall, etc.

Opening Reception:
8th March 2013 (Friday) 18:00 – 20:00

Address: G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.







地址︰香港上環太平山街 24C 地舖