DIASPORA - Joint exhibition of TANG Ying-chi & HO Chun-yu
2011.12.16 - 2012.02.15

Exhibition Images

DIASPORA - Joint exhibition of TANG Ying-chi & HO Chun-yu, A·lift@A116, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen.

Artists: TANG Ying-chi, HO Chun-yu

Exhibition Preface:

Under the same sky, mutual recognition between cultures cannot be sketched out by geographical spaces. The juxtaposition, encounter and mixture of different cultures are phenomenal in cities of modern days. We are positioned within an era of high level of mobility and fusion. This position is further heightened through the development of internet which has immensely boosted communication across different regions of the world. Distance between men is shortened because of this development and everyone is happy to embrace a harmonious life. At the same time, under coexistence, every town and city has maintained its own unique culture. This uniqueness flows inside a city without being limited by boundaries. Because of this, we are able to see the most individual kind of art in relation to human history and culture.

Inside a small city, Artist TANG Ying-chi has let her feelings reached out to every corner. She juxtaposes fine images to form collaged pictures of the cities. On the other hand, Artist HO Chun-yu has projected from within his emotions towards the perceptions and impressions on cultures and cities.