"Read it yourself." Joint exhibition of Jerry HO Chun-yu, South HO Siu-nam & Rachel IP Hiu-yin
2013.08.31 - 2013.10.19
Opening Reception: 2013.08.31 (Saturday) / 3:00 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'PLATFORM'

Three locally born artists Jerry HO Chun-yu, South HO Siu-nam and Rachel IP Hiu-yin will present their photographic works at the gallery space in Shenzhen. The artists take an opportunity to investigate the concept of cross border and showcase works that capturing Hong Kong. Geographically separated by a river determines the different cultures and backgrounds between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Jerry HO reflects on the symbolism of the flag. South HO attempts to ship bricks labeling Made in Hong Kong to the exhibition. Rachel IP takes reference from the texts of Chan Wai's The Tale of Sup Hong to create new works.

Read it Yourself encourages audience to have their own perspectives and interpretations toward the artworks. In this exhibition, in-depth explanations of the artworks will not be provided especially due to the sensitivity of provoking regional politic. In the absence of presumptions, audiences are allowed to read the relationship between the artworks without any unnecessary navigation.

Opening Reception:
31st August 2013 (Saturday) 15:00 – 18:00

Address: Unit 116, Building A4, OCT - LOFT, Eastern Industrial Park, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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地址︰深圳市南山區華僑城東部工業區(華僑城創意文化園)A4 棟 116 號鋪

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