"For Grey's Sake: Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Art Exhibition
2011.08.25 - 2011.10.12

Exhibition Images

"For Grey's Sake: Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Art Exhibition, A·lift@A116, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen.

Artists: Iris LEE, aRu AU-YEUNG, Sheila CHEUNG, Thomas FUNG, HO Wing-man, Christine LI, Jason LI, Eammon PANG, SHEK Chun-yin, TO Hok-ming, YIU Chu-tung, Meipo YUEN.

Exhibition Preface:

The rise of capitalistic production has made men’s work unitary. Capitalists aim to eliminate all variations in production, which include forbidding “human” to become a variable factor in their business. Human, escaping from the loop of inhuman production, turns to involve in art and creation for pleasure during leisure time. To the society, art is mistakenly regarded as an activity with no actual economic benefits.

Art and the capitalist production pattern tend to become diametrically opposite. The situation is similar to black and white on the colour chart: they are only traceable at their highest and lowest. What stands in between the two, is grey.

The exhibition, For Grey’s Sake, is an dynamic response from members of Alift Team in regard of “grey”.




提 雜團成員以「灰」的創作出發,引領出如彩虹般鮮艷的可能性,回應藝術與商業這種在社會上充滿矛盾的現像。