"Meeting Late" Solo exhibition of Mr. Three
2013.04.13 - 2013.05.14
Opening Reception x Special event: 2013.04.13 (Saturday) / 3:00 pm
The A·lift Gallery 'CHECKPOINT'

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Media review of the Exhibition

“Exhibition is a non-portable book, narrating lost.

When do we miss and what do we lose? We want to look back but just say nothing. Therefore, it is unavoidable that story is a juxtaposition of fragments. There were something happening at specific place and time, but no one can be sure. We cannot give proof to what had happened before and after the particular moment, like reading a plot in fiction. This is narration.

Exhibition is a place for painter to make a sentence perfectly.

It is not easy to completely present a simple statement. Text is a common visual language and presenting form in narrative painting. It records the emotion during painting process. It represents the process of writing. It draws the landscape outside the frame. It leaves the context of painting and repeats the theme by strokes and sound. At the same time, it implies the presence of literary.”

Opening Reception x Special event:
13th April 2013 (Saturday) 15:00 – 18:00

Address: G/F, 24C, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

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地址︰香港上環太平山街 24C 地舖

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