In Wonderland - Joint Exhibition
《童夢》- 藝術作品聯展
2012.02.17 - 2012.04.18

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In Wonderland - Joint Exhibition, A·lift@A116, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen.


Artists: LIN Ching-man, YIU Chu-tung, TO Hok-ming

Exhibition Preface:

“Since I am not Cinderella, I do not need glass slippers. I do not hold any hope to be saved by fairies, I do not believe in fairy-tales. I have already watched too many Hollywood movies which have made me feel tired of those standardised stories about dreams coming true. I do not want to become a slave of this kind of imagination, I need to step out of the fantasy of fairy-tales and bravely face a reality which story-tellers would describe as horrible and ugly. Even though the real world is full of flaws, it is not as daunting as fantasies that have been purposely sketched out. Fairy-tales are not only used as bed-time stories for children, they can also hypnotise adults like you and me.” (Extract from “Waiting for Hong Kong - Entertainment Chapter” by LAM Yik Wah, Edward)

The prince and princess kind of fairy-tales have been passed on as narratives that are pretty standard. They compose a flawless imaginative world which always ends with the prince and princess living happily ever after. In this fantasy world, the princess always possesses beauty and the prince is perfectly handsome. Many people like to use this kind of fairy-tales as an example to educate children. This is an extremely worrying injection of romanticising fantasies. When you watch children acting in theatre and see that there are ten Cinderellas performing on the stage, one would question how the next generation would be moulded by these fairy-tales? We continuously inject to children the ideas of an unreal world but we never want them to know about the reality. Is this not a sad education direction or what? One day, when all is left in the society is thousands and thousands of princes and princess, we would then eventually see a real fairy-tale which is even more horrifying than the unreal narratives.




《等待香港 娛樂篇》林奕華

在童話裡的王子公主世界,一切皆已固定的敘事型式流傳著 。它們建構的是一個完美無疵的想像世界,總以王子與公主從此過著幸福美滿的生活作為結局。在這個世界中,必然是美 貌似仙的公主,和俊俏非常的王子,普遍的人都喜歡以這樣 的童話故事作為教育兒童的典範,這是多甚可怖的一種浪漫化灌輸。當你看到兒童話劇演出中,台上站著十位灰姑娘的時候,更是讓人疑惑,究竟在童話的背後,在打造著怎麼樣 的下一代?我們不斷的給孩童灌輸著童話般的世界,卻不願 讓他們看清楚現實的境況,那絕對是可悲的教化。有朝一天,當整個社會僅存數以千萬個王子與公主的時候,那將會是 更加恐怖的真實童話。