LUI Chi-ming


CHEUNG Sze-lit

LUI Chi-ming was born and lives in Hong Kong. LUI was working as art director in advertising industry when he was diagnosed Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma at 1998. Since then, LUI has changed his career into working as a kids art tutor.That turning point was crucial. It made LUI changing from doing commercial art to kid's art teaching and later, into being a practicing artist. Those happenings grant him a profound understanding of Art. Personal experience and perception inspire LUI to make use of reused materials. And LUI tries them out as the bodies of artworks. Most of them express life with a trustworthy reliance on an unpredictable future whereas other people who live without faith.


呂志明在香港土生土長。1998年被診斷患上鼻咽癌,當時正在廣告業擔任藝術總監。自始疾病改變了他的職業生涯,轉行成為兒童藝術教育工作者。正是因為這個人生轉捩點所帶來的轉化,讓呂氏由從事廣告到教導兒童藝術,以至其後成為專業藝術工作 者,這當中的經驗讓他對藝術有更深層的理解和體會。個人的感知能力驅使及帶動呂氏運用舊事物作為創作媒介。並且在繼後的發展裡,經常成為他藝術作品的結構與載體。而他大多數的作品都是以探討信念為主題。