KOON Wai-bong


CHEUNG Sze-lit

Based in Hong Kong, the young Chinese artist Koon Wai-bong works with ink media under the concept of 'reworking the classics'. His 'reworking' is considered a means to deviate from the parochial view that emphasises pedantic knowledge and the techniques used in old masterpieces, yet a transformation of traditional aesthetics in a new, contemporary light. His oeuvre is mostly in form of painting, some of which are polyptychs, while others coalesce into sound art and Chinese-styled apparel like qipao or changshan. Executed with precise brushwork, Koon's landscapes often lend themselves to a visual ambience that excludes a vision of reconciliation between the tranquility of nature and the self-possession of the artist.

Koon Wai-bong has rapidly risen to prominence as one of the leading contemporary artists in Hong Kong. Koon received his B.A. and M.F.A. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and his D.F.A. from the RMIT University and is currently the Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University. He was awarded the 'Rising Artist Award' in 2003, the 'Merit' of the National Exhibition of Arts, China in 2004, and the 'Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award' in 2009. By invitation, he joined the International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen in 2010, the Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial in 2012, the New Ink and The Spirit of Ink at the Sotheby's Gallery, the Art Basel Hong Kong in 2013, and other exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Germany, Miami, New York and Singapore. Recently Koon held solo exhibitions entitled Picturing Mountains and Streams at the Grotto Fine Art in 2011, and TRANSpose at The Museum of East Asian Art, UK in 2013. Koon's artwork has been garnered by galleries, museums, art organisations and private collections including the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Wharf Group in Hong Kong, the J. Safra Sarasin Group in Singapore and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.


2013, Doctor of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
2002, Master of Art (Fine Art), Chinese University of Hong Kong
1996, Bachelor of Art (Fine Art), Chinese University of Hong Kong

2009, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award
2004, National Exhibition of Arts, China - Merit
2003, Rising Artist Award

Solo exhibitions:

- Koon Wai Bong: Now and Then  (Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong)
- Koon Wai Bong:Mindscape (forthcoming)  (AO Verticalt, Hong Kong)
- TRANSpose: Contemporary Ink Paintings by Koon Wai Bong  (The Museum of East Asian Art, UK)

- Sauntering Around……: Chinese Paintings by Koon Wai Bong (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
- Koon Wai Bong - Picturing Mountains and Stream (Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong)

- Guohua: A Contemporary Interpretation (Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong)

- Past Becomes Present (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong)
- Koon Wai Bong: Reworking the Classics (Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong)

- Lift up My Eyes to the Mountain (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Selected group exhibitions:

- Meditations in Nature: New Ink  (Ben Brown Fine Arts,Hong Kong)
- ART14 LONDON: "DELINEATION"  (the A.lift @ ART14 London, Olympia Grand Hall, LONDON)
- Remaster vs. Appropriating the Classics  (VT Artsalon, Taipei / am space, Hong Kong)
- OFF – Contemporary Art Fair Brussels  (The a gallery, Brussels)
- Shanghai - Hong Kong - Macau: Exchange Exhibition of Modern Chinese Ink Painting  (Shanghai China Art Academy, China)
- Art Basel Hong Kong  (Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong)



管氏於香港中文大學取得文學學士及藝術碩士,並於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學修畢藝術博士學位,是近來香港崛起的當代藝術家之一,現任為香港浸會大學助理教授。他曾於2003獲「藝術新進獎」、於2004獲《第十屆全國美展》頒「優秀獎」、於2009 獲「香港當代藝術雙年獎」、於2010參與《第七屆深圳國際水墨雙年展》、於2012參與《台北國際現代水墨雙年展》、於2013參與蘇富比藝術空間舉辦的《七十後:新水墨》及《一墨相承》,及同年參與《香港巴塞爾藝術展》,並曾參與多個於香港、中國內地、台灣、德國、邁阿密、紐約和新加坡地方所舉辦的展覽。近來,管氏於2011假嘉圖現代藝術舉辦《山水圖像》個展,及於2013假英國東亞藝術博物館舉辦《TRANSpose》個展。 管氏的水墨作品廣為畫廊、藝術館、藝術機構及私人收藏,當中包括香港藝術館、香港九龍倉,以及新加坡 J. Safra Sarasin Group 及美國三藩巿 Asian Art Museum。


2013 澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學,純藝術博士 (純藝術)
2002 香港中文大學,純藝術碩士
1996 香港中文大學,文學士(純藝術)